Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Today! - Megan

7:15: 1 slice ham, 1 string cheese, 6oz vanilla yogurt, 5 strawberries, black tea with splash almond milk and SF vanilla syrup
11:15: Balance bar, 1 cup decaf with 1 creamer
12:15: about a cup of grapes
1:30: about a cup of cubed chicken (I wonder how many oz this is?), baby carrots, celery, sweet peppers. 1 or 2 Tbs pear gorgonzola vinaigrette. Few bites of the paleo "apple pie" (the apples baked in honey), coke zero.
315: 2 hard candies
4:00 : high fiber fruit leather
4:45 : Ghirardelli chocolate square

----worked out - 5 sets of 5 each: 60# push press, 115# squat----

830: 1 sweet tea vodka/soda, half of an appetizer of sweet potato fries, small house salad with added chicken and vinaigrette

945: 1 square dark chocolate

I am reaaaallly full. Back on track though! :D


  1. Hi ladies, what a fun blog! Thanks Brig for advertising on your FB page! I am in the midst of trying to lose my last 8 pounds of baby weight. I’m at my pre-Amelia weight, but I REALLY want to be at my pre Morgan weight, and that is MUCH harder to do!

    A few of health snacks that have helped me along the way:

    1. V-8 juice: It’s along the same concept of your morning shake. The V-8 is only 70 calories per 12 oz can and it's my mid-morning snack, and it makes me feel FULL so that I don’t over indulge at lunch. This is a healthy choice for me, eliminating my urge for unhealthy snack choices.

    2. Werther’s Originals hard candies: 17.5 calories, 3 g of sugar per candy. When I crave sweets I pop in one of these babies and I’m good. It’s creamy and slow melting so it takes away my urge to go downstairs to the vending machine and buy a 280-calorie, 30 g of sugar Snicker’s bar, which I don’t need since I just had lunch an hour or so ago.

    3. Lemon-Lime Seltzer water: 0 calories. On occasion I’ll have an urge for something sweet and fizzy to drink, again after lunch time. I’ll pour a glass of seltzer water in a cup with ice, sometimes topped with a lemon or lime. The bubbly makes me feel full and I don’t have the urge to mash a Snicker’s bar.

    4. Almonds: 20-24 almonds per serving is 160 calories, 6 grams of protein. I use the almonds as my substitute snack for the ones mentioned above so that I don’t get bored in my snack choices when I crave sweets.

    My biggest downfall is the unnecessary snacking. I don’t need the calories. I think the snacking stems from sitting in a cubicle all day, working. I also know that if I load up on fruits, veggies, and salads with my meals, it helps curb the urge to snack. Yes, I could eat fruits and veggies for snacks, but that’s no fun! The real purpose of a snack is to free us from our eating norms, right?—And indulging in something out of the usual routine.

    Happy snacking! I’ll be reading!

  2. Mina! Thanks for commenting! I hope you enjoy the blog :) Sounds like you're doing a lot of the right things. One thing I'd encourage is LOTS of healthy fats! (like your almonds). You may find it keeps you full longer.

    Snacking is hard - I'm absolutely a snacker. I've finally gotten to the point of just bringing EVERYTHING I could want or need to work with me.. which sucks bc I eat for free at work.. but when you've got all sorts of garbage at your disposal all the time in the kitchen and break room... too tempting. I don't even step foot in them anymore. I went to costco two weeks ago and they've got a lot of quick veggies to grab. I got a 5# bag of baby carrots, a huge bag of already washed and sliced celery, and a bag of those cute sweet peppers. Those are SUPER easy to munch on and require zero prep. Best of luck!!