Monday, June 20, 2011

Introduction - Kimberly

Hello! I haven't gotten around to posting my bio yet on the sidebar, so I thought I'd give a quick introduction. I know that the three of us have different reasons for trying out this eating plan, but my main one is to drop a bunch of baby weight. I'm finally sitting down and looking at the numbers and I am 59 pounds heavier than I was at my wedding 10 1/2 years ago. It's not a crazy out-of-control number when you consider the source--I mean, that's only 10 un-lost pounds per baby (not to mention the months I was sick on the couch with a miscarriage)--but, STILL. Time to get it under control. I am not discontent with my body and feel a great sense of pride when I look at my six strapping sons and know how hard my body has worked this past decade to bear them....but working my job as their mother has become increasingly difficult the more weight that I am lugging along with me. I am three weeks postpartum with Henry and am DYING to get back outside and running again.

So, here we go. I followed a Paleo diet for just a few weeks before Henry was born, but since delivery I have added a few grains back in from time to time--mainly just the occasional slice of pizza when someone brought us dinner, or a few bites of rice with my curry. The thing I'm having a hard time with is sugar. I know from last time that once I get up and rolling, I won't care about the sugar, but it's hard to get going with gusto! During a particular taxing day last week, I caved and drank a Diet Coke...and then spent the next three days or so eating sweets because of it.

Anyhoo...Favorite breakfasts here are green smoothies (one apple, one banana, half a cucumber, a handful of blueberries, garlic or ginger [or both or neither], and spinach or romaine leaves, all blended with some water to smooth it out)....and bacon & eggs for filler. For lunch, I try to keep some grilled meat on hand to have with a big salad of greens, red cabbage, shredded carrots, cucumber, avocado and sunflower seeds. Dinners aren't down-pat yet, but I'm concentrating on planning meals for the family that I can also partake in, keeping the starches and breads as side dishes instead of main events. I did make spaghetti last week with homemade sauce (for hubs and the kids), but I cooked up a couple of hamburger patties for myself and ate them on a bed of lettuce & tomato with guacamole, dijon and yellow mustard on top. Yum!

Keep posting food ideas, girls, I'm hoping to hit the food planning hard this week!

Pounds lost: 0


  1. Sissy~ I hear ya on the sugar thing. It was interesting to me that after almost a solid month with no processed sugar, I was able to put away an entire box of mint oreos within 24 hours...and then my body said "more!". It has only been 14 hours since the last junk food, but because I've fed myself well today I already feel So Much Better. You can do it!! :)

  2. DUDE. I just completely cheated too. WTF! Is it from yesterday? I had like 2 lemon bars, a twix bar, and shortbread cookies. BAH. Fail.

    *focus focus focus*

  3. oooooooohhh and here comes the headache. Ugh. Spin class and celery for me tonight.

  4. Megs~ start over Right Now...don't let yourself dive further into the sugar pit! :) it's okay you ate it, it's in the past. Make healthier choices for the rest of the day~
    Here's me cheering you on!!
    *rah rah rah*

  5. Thanks brig. I officially have a headache and am exhausted. Note to self: remember you feel this way next time a cookie stares you down.