Thursday, June 16, 2011

Re: Weirdness -- Kimberly

So I know this is my first post here and I should probably address something a little more vague (like a personal introduction), but I'm going to comment on Megan's last post instead. Megs: Reading your words reminded me of several episodes of The Biggest Loser I've seen where the participant is "doing all the right things" but not seeing results because of some sort of emotional blockade. (Have you seen the show? We love the psychology of it.) I'm always amazed to see these individuals counting every calorie down to the nth and working their you-know-whats off in the gym, and then standing on the scale every week and seeing no change. And then they have some sort of revolutionary breakthrough in their destructive thought patterns, and suddenly a ton of weight falls off of their bodies. Mind-blowing.

So my question to you is: What is your goal with all of this? To feel better? To drop a few pounds? To continue to PR at the gym? I think I am correct in assuming that one of your main goals is to kick that sugar craving we all possess to the curb. It seems from what I've read like that is happening somewhat....but it also seems like you have reached an emotional or hormonal low today (ie your comment about having many things invested in that are not producing returns...). Maybe it's worth wading through. Maybe it's worth stuffing back into an oreo for a while, ha!

Anyway. Don't know if that's helpful at all...just thought of the show and figured I would throw my observations your way. It might help to nail down what your intention of Going Paleo is--and then focus your analysis of the results on that. At the very least, it would help you determine if you'd like to continue.


  1. I love this. Thanks for writing it. I haven't seen biggest loser, as I don't have television..

    That being said, I'm totally getting what you're saying. Today is just a little down, and I (like you) know that tomorrow will probably be better.

    What I've discovered is this: Two parts of me crave the junk.
    1) my physical body
    2) my emotional mind

    My reasons for following you guys in going paleo is actually not weight loss (although it would be a nice addition) - but rather to wrangle in the sugar beast.

    So far what I can attest to is this: Now that I've gotten the physical body under control (moreso than I have in months - MONTHS) - the brain is a hell of a lot easier to conquer when it thinks it wants something junky :)

    That being said - If I had to have an insecure girl moment here - Yeah, i'd like to lose 5lbs. No - I take that back. I don't care about "5 lbs" - I just want my clothes to be more comfortable. Right now they're not. And I can't see how that's not happening being that I'm eating cleaner than I have in forEVER.

    Re: Emotions : A common theme has been brought to my attention from three important (but separate) people in my life this week. And it's not a theme I am happy to hear... So that's where the cryptic comment is coming from, I guess. I'm giving a lot to certain people and things who haven't asked for it and frankly might not deserve it.

    I'm curious about the biggest loser epiphany thing. Sounds interesting.

    Baby steps.

  2. Love you bunches and bunches. We don't have TV either but hulu might find an old season somewhere ...or Netflix it or something...and see what you think. It's not just about weight loss, and that's our favorite thing about the show actually!

    I am glad to read your comments here and they are pretty much what I expected. I knew that weight wasn't really an issue with you at this point in time. But it's that other stuff....the DEEPER "stuff"...that can be paralyzing at times.

    Sending you lots of squishy hugs today :)

  3. Squishy hugs are the best kind! :)
    And...I'm gonna sit with this concept a bit. I like it, sister. You both are pretty good in my book~