Tuesday, June 28, 2011

??? - Megan

So, does insulin make you fat? Or does it just make you more HUNGRY? Anyone know?

Might start considering dropping the dairy. FML.

Couple links I haven't read all the way through but you might want to:

Glycemic Index by Mendoza

Article from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Re: Dairy/insulin


  1. Insulin regulates your blood sugar, it does not make you fat. you would die without it.

  2. lol - okay yeah now I sound like an idiot. I guess what I meant was - when it's elevated/out of control/etc? Or rather, is it the elevated blood sugar? I'm just going to stop showcasing my ignorance (how do I not know this shit? Clearly I need to re-read my textbooks) and just do the research myself. ha!