Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Protein. Still. Again. - Megan

Okay just so everyone knows I don't intend on using this as a forum for a food diary - however, today I am going to again post my consumption as I am curious to find out how much protein I am getting in my diet while actively TRYING to GET more protein in my diet. The weightlifting trainer I am working with suggests 1g protein per pound of body weight - this is something I've heard many times but have not applied for myself personally. Luckily he also is going to cut me some slack and suggested to try for 110g per day rather than my actual body weight (which is NOT 110!) - as he is aware that i'm ramping back up into the whole meat/dairy thing.

Last October and November, I was training very hard. I was crossfitting 2-3x a week, and training for the Seattle Half Marathon. As soon as the half marathon was over, I began to notice extreme lethargy and fatigue. I tried a few things - multivitamins, sleeping more, etc etc... it wasn't helping. Finally I went to the doctor. I was anemic, vitamin D deficient, and obviously eating nowhere near enough protein. If I remember correctly I'm pretty sure it was mostly yogurt, english muffins, special K red berries with almond milk, baby carrots, and string cheese that my diet consisted of...well and of course all sorts of sugary junk! I added it up one day and was consuming on average about 30g of protein a day. NO WONDER I got sick! Additionally, the doc told me that after training that hard and completing such a taxing task, one's adrenals are often so significantly depleted that it does take a few weeks to get back into shape. I was skeptical of this as people train this hard ALL the time - but she also made note of the fact that I had never done it before, and it was new to my body. ... I went straight to the thai restaurant and ordered beef and broccoli, and began taking iron supplements as well. It took 3-4 weeks to fully gain my energy back I'd say.

Today is  my day off - Meeting with Brandon at 130 to lift again - I am thinking about possibly going to his butcher beforehand. Haven't decided. Depends on if I ever get off my couch :)

SO! Here's what we talked about yesterday: Bill the Butcher is a local company that appears to have awesome, responsible meats. Grass fed, local, etc etc. He actually suggested buying a quarter of an animal as it comes out so MAJORLY cheaper than bits here and there, but I am nowhere near that level. haha.

Today's intake, with protein calculations:

9:00 :
  • 2 organic eggs  (12g) - holy crap I ate whole eggs instead of the whites!
  • 2oz deli meat (10g)
  • 4 mini sweet peppers
  • 1 half of an avocado 
  • waaaayyy too many grapes. 2 cups maybe?
  • 12oz nonfat latte (9g)
----workout: metcon relay team thing with Nicole - 15 minutes straight of one person holding a 25# plate overhead and lunging like - 80 (??) feet or so while the other person did 45# power hang cleans. Stop what you're doing every three minutes and do 10 jump squats. Resume lunching/cleaning----

Today was one of those days where the workout is explained to you, you think "piece of cake" .. and then you start... and it is NOT ANYWHERE NEAR CAKE. This was a hard workout. I definitely got dizzy during, and was still shaken up by the time Nicole and I got to the smoothie bar. Good thing there was deliciousness waiting for us there. :)

  • Emerald city smoothie with added peanut butter (64g)
---- workout round two: 3 miles of interval running/walking (stupid foot. stupid decreased lung capacity because of stupid foot) and 10 rounds up the bleachers - 570 of the "up" stairs total. ----

  • 3 or 4oz chicken (36?)
  • 2 cups frozen veggie stir fry, cooked in olive oil
  • iceburg for lettuce wraps
  • 1/2 cup beets
  • 1/2 cup broccoli
  • 1 Tbs poppy dressing
  • 2 Tbs sesame dressing in stir fry
  • 16oz honest tea - lightly sweetened 

Okay so wow, I did hit about 130g today... which is almost my body weight. Hrm. It's all because of the MASSIVE protein in that smoothie. Normally I'd be nowhere near this. Oh well, good day for it with two workouts! :)

Sidebar: We've also been discussing the BENEFITS of a cheat day, and how "confusing" your body and thus forcing it to work harder to metabolize eating crap once per week can actually (and likely will) speed UP weight loss (if that's your goal). I haven't gotten through the article yet but if anyone's interested i'd be happy to post it.

Okay, back from Bill the Butcher. GORGEOUS store. Really helpful (not to mention cute) employees who helped walk my meat-challenged self. Meats acquired: 1/2 lb organic grass fed ground beef, 2 servings organic flank steak, 2/3 lb organic top round...... or something.


  1. So are you up over 110?! Way to go!! How do you feel?

  2. Yeah! i just added it all up and did the final revision to the post - I won't be editing it anymore now that the day is complete. I can't believe it! I feel fine. I wasn't going to eat after the greenlake workout but the hunger eventually hit me, and I definitely put down that entire dinner, even after I sat down and thought I wouldn't finish it. ha. I feel fine right now! We'll see about tomorrow....