Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pale"O" -- Kimberly

I had an interesting conversation with a friend a few weeks ago about Paleo--well, interesting in the fact that I told her what I was eating and not eating, and her immediate response was to ask me what my blood type is (O). I, too, have researched the Blood Type Diet in the past but only briefly; all I really remembered from the book was looking up the O diet and seeing VEGGIES AND RED MEAT and smiling somewhere deep inside (YUM!). She, too, when I mentioned I had O blood, said, "Wow, you must be so happy then!" And right she was.

I immediately called Brigitte to pass on the observation because I knew how well she was also responding to her Paleo foods and I knew she was also an O. (Interesting too that O's are not to eat dairy, and both Brigitte and I do much better without it). I've been thinking of this same discussion recently in light of all of Megan's posts about what she's eating (protein bars, dairy, and fruit and veggies) and how different it seems from my diet (whole eggs, meats, fruits and veggies). SO now I'm curious: Megan, what is your blood type? When I first decided to go Paleo, even though I knew that Justin would be wholly supportive, I also knew instinctively that he wouldn't be able to do it for himself--he's much happier with grains and no/little meats, and I am the opposite. As it has turned out, he has been eating many of the same things I am, but with his grains/breads added in (he is Type A).

Now I am not a subscriber usually to ONE type of diet, and that is true even with Paleo. I like many things about this eating plan but I also fully intend to cut way back on meat and add in my legumes/vegetarian options once I get some of this baby weight off. So I'm not willing to throw all of my eggs in the Blood Type basket either...but I find the links between them interesting, and maybe worth a discussion. Any thoughts?

Pounds lost: 3.5

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  1. Brig talked to me about this too way back when I first started - The first night, I think even. I have NO IDEA what my blood type is. I've actually got a doctors appointment tomorrow though that will require a blood draw ... maybe I can add it on? I've always been a skeptic of the blood type diet. I will have to do some more research before making an educated statement :)

    Also for the record... You're totally right on those things i'm eating, but i'm also eating lots of chicken, tuna, and sometimes red meat - and as of the last 5 days have had a protein PUNCH smoothie - approximately 32g protein in each one. It keeps me full soooooo long! Glorious.