Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blood sugar...attack!! -Brigitte

Woke up last night around 12:30am with a low blood sugar attack.


Instead of eating the kids' fruit snacks (I know there's some left somewhere!) I ate almonds and golden raisins. And then I ate leftover chicken cabbage salad from last night's dinner.

Went back to bed full.
Still woke up to my alarm. (That doesn't usually happen the nights I have to get up to eat.)
Wasn't bloated or sick-feeling when I woke up. (Other than the cold that has it's claws in me).

Brigitte: 1
Excess insulin: 0


I used the chicken carcass leftover from last night's supper to make some broth; gonna throw some veggies and chicken breast in there and hope it helps me get over the crud. I'll let you know how the soup (without noodles? or rice?) turns out!

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