Thursday, June 30, 2011

Son of a...... - Megan

Well, guess what? It's 345am and I'm awake. Why? So tonight wound up being a cheat. Two cocktails, 1 roll/ bun thing ( first bread in AGES ) and a big old ridiculous serving of yogurtland. Here's what's weird. I've woken basically every hour on the hour to DOWN water. Excess glucose causes your cells to lose a lot of fluid (which is why one of the first signs of diabetes is excessive thirst). So the strangeness comes here - this USED to happen to me whenever id really REEEEEAAALLLYYY overdo it on crap, like at a party or something. It used to take a plate of fries, a drink, a sandwich, two cupcakes and ice cream for this to happen. Now all it took was a hamburger - type bun and yogurtland. Granted or course there was a lot of YL, there always is... but this is WAY less than what it used to be. Yeesh. Lesson. Learned. (Again.)

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