Monday, June 20, 2011

Fresh Start...Again. -Brigitte

Happy Monday!!
This last Saturday I catered an event for 60 people, and decided that I would put Paleo eating on the back-burner for 72 hours. I knew I'd have to be tasting my creations, and I knew that I would not be planning/preparing meals for my own family Thursday through Saturday, and I knew that Sunday was to include an epic Father's Day Brunch in the Big City of Seattle. Therefore...goodbye Paleo! See ya again Monday!
Can I just tell you how ecstatic I am that it's Monday?!
I've been Paleo for 4 weeks tomorrow. Very few cheat meals other than this last weekend. After the gluttony of yesterday (see Meg's post below), and the taste-testing of the party for which I cooked, here is what I have discovered when I do not eat Paleo:
When I eat like I used to, I...
~look five months pregnant when I wake up in the morning from bloating
~have terrible hay fever symptoms upon waking (why did Paleo rid me of this? I'm not sure, but I'm thankful)
~spend much of the morning feeling "off" (until the coffee kicks in)
~have swollen fingers and toes from the sodium and processed foods
~never know when the depression will rise up and lay me out FLAT for the remainder of the day

When I follow Paleo principles for my eating, I...
~wake up to the flattest stomach I've ever had
~can breathe, through my nose, the whole day; and don't have to wipe those weepy, allergy eyes
~am focused and positive
~can actually see my ankles (mmkay this one is huge for me)
~just.feel.good. all over.

So. Back to it I go.
This morning, I ate a quarter of a cantaloupe while waiting for my 11 year old son to finish showering and hurtle out the door for the last Monday of the school year; once I got home from chauffeur duty I fried up 4 strips of nitrite-free bacon, and scrambled three organic eggs. Threw some pine nuts on top of the eggs and...voila. First meal (second go-around): win.

I found an interesting recipe for chicken liver pate on balanced bites' website, and am going to try to find some organic chicken livers today so I can make that for snacks. I hard-boiled 8 eggs this morning, to bring with me to work this week. I asked the kids what kinds of fruits/veggies I can get at the store today, for snacks for them (Joe's response: baby carrots, cantaloupe, red grapes, bananas.) I'm trying to plan suppers now...thinking tonight will just be a rotisserie chicken, shredded, that I can throw onions, lime juice, salsa, cilantro, and avocado on top of, while the fam can make corn-tortilla tacos. Ooh and I'm gonna check out homemade Larabar-type recipes online today too. :)

You guys have any ideas for dinners??

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