Friday, June 17, 2011

Megan (yes, again!)

Today started off just as crabby as yesterday but thankfully got progressively better!

7am: 1/2 C lowfat cottage cheese 1/2 C peaches ~16oz tea with SF vanilla
10am: balance bar and 10oz coffee w 1 creamer
1pm: 4 or 5 (not sure?) oz chicken breast w mustard - baby carrots and sweet peppers, coke zero
430pm: high fiber fruit leather thing
8pm: 2 carne asada street tacos, 1 pork street tacos - all had added guac :) on mini corn tortillas.

Not so bad! 6 mini corn tortillas all together, but I mentioned before - I'd rather cheat on corn (or MAYBE potatoes) than some over processed bread or cereal or something

Hit the weights AGAIN today. My body hurts more than it has in MONTHS. After spin class on Monday, rowing 4000m and power vinyasa with brig on wednesday, doing a HORRIBLE "barbell complex" (to be explained) on wednesday, and then today another pseudo-WOD of deadlifts and box jumps... my body hates me.

It's no surprise that about 730 my body screamed FEED ME MEAT NOW!!!!

Very curious for a girl who'd cut most of it out of her life in the last few years. I haven't craved meats this often, or of these types in  - so long I can't remember. Years. It's a super weird feeling. I've given in to it whenever it happens, but I still feel socially irresponsible (among other things) eating so much meat. :(

So: Barbell complex: Consisted of the following:

6 deadlifts - 6 hanging power clean - 6 front squats - 6 push press - 6 back squats -Then repeat.

I did the first three rounds with just the bar - 45# - then Mr. hilarious thought I should try out 55# for the last two... I wanted to die, but somehow my fifth round (with the 55# bar) was actually my quickest - at just under 2 minutes. Neat.

Today I had to deadlift 21 times - 21 box jumps (18 inches). Then deadlift 15, then 15 box jumps. Then 9 and 9.

Few issues with this: One - as previously mentioned - I'm DYING of pain. He said "good!" .. ha. Two - I'm instructed to deadlift 95#. Holy mother of god. That's over 50% of my max. Three - I've had a nasty bad experience with box jumps and am pretty terrified of them .... Here's what happened beginning of Jan:

Yep. Fell off the box after getting fatigued. Still have a scar 6 months later.

Aaaannyhooo I sucked it up and wound up completing the WOD in approximately 11 minutes. And I only got yelled at like twice for slacking form. I still hate box jumps. Then we did some other stuffs that's too difficult to explain.

Tomorrow I will do the rowing machine and Sunday I am doing N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Except going to brunch with the fam, and drinking excessively to celebrate my father :)

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