Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First post! - Megan

Herrooooooooo out there!

Welcome to Baers go Paleo.

I'm on week 2 of this adventure right now. On my one "cheat" day last Friday I absolutely felt sick after eating an exorbinant amount of cookies and ice cream. Amazing what a mere 4 days of clean eating can do. I feel much better than I have in quite some time.

Breakfasts are usually consisting of eggs (egg whites, I know Paleo calls for the yolk I'm working on it...), maybe some cheese, salsa, or greek yogurt (22g protein per serving!) with fruit and slivered almonds. Yes, I'm still putting creamer in my coffee - but no sugar!

Snacks are still protein bars. I know there's sugar in these, but I just can't bring myself to part with them yet. Giving up the cereals and granola bars and breads was hard enough... Keeping the protein bars a while longer

Lunches have been inspired by Brigitte - lots of chicken salad. I made a chicken and grape salad that I lived off of for a few days - also we discovered a mighty tasty broccoli, carrot, grape, and bacon salad that I made in bulk also and have been eating quite a bit. Mixing these with iceburg lettuce in wraps.

Snacks ( I snack a LOT) - nuts, some fruit sometimes - fruit leather, string cheese

Dinner - my weak spot. Living alone is hard for dinners. Doing better though - last night I had chicken stir fry in lettuce wraps with the broccoli salad.

Trying to operate on the 80/20 rule - You can only be good 80% of the time because otherwise you're going to drive yourself mad. That being said, I definitely had a cheat today I wish I hadn't had - one of my sweet employees brought mini peach cobblers (ramekin sized), complete with ice cream AND two cookies on the side. Naturally I ate it all. Boo. But it was my first cheat in 4 days or so. Can't win em all.

Workouts are getting more consistent now that my foot is slightly more healed. Still causing pain though. I'm alternating between spinning classes, rowing like a madwoman (ugh), trying to run (slowly testing the foot), and lifting heavy shit with my trainer 2x a week.
I PR'ed all of my prior records last week and am STUPID excited about it:
My max weights:
Backsquat: 140#
Push press: 70#
Deadlift: 170#.

Yes - I lifted 170 pounds off of the ground . Makes me feel a little unfeminine, but mostly I feel like a badass.

That's all for now :) Tomorrow is yoga with Brig!!

Oya I found this and liked it:

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