Sunday, July 10, 2011

To Megan -- Kimberly


I love that I can hear you speaking as I read your words, ha!

My scale is definitely flying all over too, but it's at its lowest point now again. Yay! The winning combination seems to be running, limiting my calories, and sticking to Paleo for the things I am eating. Having some weird side effects though and haven't been able to trace them to anything yet. I've been really dizzy all week, and late last night I felt suddenly like my head was too heavy to hold up on my own anymore. I figured it was just fatigue, and went straight to bed, but then it happened again this afternoon and freaked me out a little bit. I suddenly thought I remembered that dizziness is linked to diabetes (is that true?) so I took my sugar and it was TWO HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN. Good Lord. I have never been that high in my life. Panic! I had just eaten, but only a hamburger patty with a little bit of mustard and homemade relish sprinkled on top...have NO IDEA why it was that high. Is it normally that high right after you eat? I have no idea. I thought my machine was off, checked the calibration and retested: 190's. Yikes. I immediately went to bed (couldn't hold my head up) and within an hour post-eating I was 117. So who knows what that was all about. I have decided to start testing regularly for a while now and see if I need to call the endocrinologist.

Anyway. Crazy dizziness aside, I feel great today, like my body is adjusting nicely to the lower calorie intake.

Pounds lost: 3.5

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