Saturday, July 9, 2011

Post-4th -- Kimberly

YES to falling off the wagon. But I feel good that I didn't totally overdo it for the holiday...I mean I definitely indulged last weekend, but had plenty of meals and moments that my willpower kicked in and I was able to make decent choices. Like eating a bowl of fruit for breakfast, instead of the french toast/cinnamon rolls/leftover brownies/homemade mochas that were being offered. Ugh.

Scale is still not budging. Which is frustrating because I feel like I am eating very little, and am exercising every couple of days...but I do still feel like I am getting results, so I'm sitting on that for right now. The pair of jeans that I couldn't even button last weekend I am wearing this week with ease. I'm thinking I need to try to hunt down my measurements that I took at the beginning of this experiment and use that as a gauge for a while until my scale wakes up again.

OH, and the biggest eye-opener is realizing just how crazy-many calories I was eating before. I snack enough while I am COOKING the dinner to make up for the actual meal. No wonder all of these baby pounds are sitting around!

Pounds lost: 3.5


  1. Um, sister?

    You look amazing.

    As in, you look like you did before you got preggers this last go-around.

    Seeing as you had a baby six tiny weeks ago? Hats off to ya! Xoxo