Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sugar Monster - Megan

ooooh it's been a rough one!

This week went okay as far as the Paleo thing goes. Thursday night I had a really hard cardio workout, and for some reason those are the ones that make me ULTRA ravenous - so Friday I wound up with some cookies and a PB&J for dinner. That's what I could find at work, and I didn't have the patience to deal with anything else. Plus I heart PB&J. That was cheat day.

I'm not sure why but i'm definitely craving the sugar more this weekend than I have in a bit. To be honest, I'm certain it's an emotional thing. I did a lot of - eh - "bleeding out the poison" as my friend Bre would say this week. I've managed to keep it under control, mostly.

I guess what I wanted to touch on is a few things - one is : TWO of my friends have now said to me (without provocation) that they've followed my/our suit (not necessarily the Paleo, but increasing the protein) and they've both exclaimed how much better & more satiated they feel. This is exciting.

Secondly is, it's amazing to me how much protein can kick the Sugar Monster's ass. I'll be honest, there were three - yes THREE nights last week that I ate an entire can of tuna for dinner (plus maybe some other stuff) because I knew if I didn't get protein in stat I was going to find an entire cake to eat. Furthermore, I've concocted my own version of a smoothie that keeps me full for - are you ready? - FOUR HOURS. This is guiness-book record breaking, people. Coming from the girl who's always ALWAYS hungry.

6oz NF yogurt (sorry ladies I know you're not doing dairy...)
1/2c-3/4c frozen fruit - almost always berries
1 scoop whey protein (30g!)
1.5 tsp flax oil

It's amazing, and I've been having it every single day for breakfast - sometimes lunch instead. Toying with following your lead and adding spinach. We'll see. Two problems : one is sometimes I get bored with it but I'm remembering that it keeps me ridiculously happily full, and two .. I am SICK of my flavor of protein powder. Blech. But I  keep at it, because it's a 6lb bag I got at costco last novemeber when I got sick after being deficient of protein and iron and vit d and bla bla bla....

Which brings me to today. Today was rough. Went a little like this:

  • 730am: Woke up STARVING, and still tired - but couldn't fall back asleep
  • Bitched and moaned to myself about not wanting to go to the gym
  • 845am: Went to gym. Did about 45 mins cardio/weights
  • Came home - actually didn't make aforementioned smoothie. Since I have more time on the weekends, i'm trying for eggs instead.
  • 10am: Scrambled 2 whole eggs, 1 egg white with cherry tomatoes and baby sweet peppers. Ate a stupid amount of cherry tomatoes while cooking.
  • 12pm: Got two shots over ice from Starbucks, added my own SF vanilla and almond milk (hello, 50 calorie venti iced latte!)
  • 1 or 2 (can't remember) : Lunch with mother. Hungry. Wanted everything garbage-y on the menu. Gave dirty, glaring looks at the 9 year old girl next to me eating mac and cheese with a side of fries. MAC AND CHEESE WITH A SIDE OF FRIES. Sigh. Those were the days. Ordered a seafood louie salad. Lettuce, cuc, tom, peppers, crab, prawns, 1 hardboiled egg. Got it with vinagrette instead of whatever crap it came with. Definitely inhaled that whole thing. Didn't order alcohol. Refused the bread the waitress offered. Go me.
  • 330 or so HUNGRY again. Downed 16oz water to see if maybe I was just thirsty (i've been doing AWFUL at keeping hydrated lately)
  • Still hungry. 
  • 4pm: Began frantically text messaging everyone I knew to find a dinner partner. Nothing was working out.
  • 5pm : At this point I was fairly certain I was going to die. Not that I couldn't live off of the fat reserves - no no, surely death was upon me. Here's the clutch - ALL I WANTED was yogurtland. I really gave it very serious consideration. Even though I have an official date with a coworker to go there tomorrow, I was going to go there for dinner tonight too. If not yogurtland, something equally as evil and sugary. The Sugar Monster was about .073 seconds from sinking his fangs into me.

  • Decided to hell with waiting to find a dinner partner - began mowing on a bag of turkey jerky. Then 3 cups of leftover salad from dinner last night (i've been doing poorly at my veg intake too, so this is good) - then, I made my own yogurtland: 
6oz nonfat strawb yogurt
1 Tbs carob chips
1/2 C frozen raspberries
1/2 Tbs honey
Chocolate sprinkles

And? I couldn't be happier. This meal was approximately 29g protein - and the Sugar Monster has retreated with his tail between his legs.


My goals for this week that somehow I've been slacking on:
  • No alcohol until the big pig roast BBQ on Sat (I'm becoming convinced this is a HUGE factor in my non weight loss)
  • More water
  • More veggies
  • Probably should work on less food overall....

Anyhoo - on another note : Kimmy - my scale is not budging either. I finally bought a fabric measurer on friday and took my measurements, because my scale is ALL OVER THE PLACE. It's fluctuating wildly with a span of about 8lbs. I know this is not possible, so I'm trying not to rely on it. That being said, the most prominent/often occuring weight is actually the highest I've weighed in seven years - and would mean i've gained about 5lbs since starting this - and the closest to my weight when I was the biggest I'd been before. I'm also about 6 sizes smaller though. I've got a hell of a lot more muscle now.... STILL not fitting into the clothes that fit me 6-12 mos ago ... but...Brig says I look nothing like I did at the heaviest (?) so... it's getting there, I think. I hope.


  1. You look fantastic.

    And you lift weight that I couldn't lift if someone was pointing a semi-automatic weapon at my brain.

    So there.

    Post to follow...after I eat my hamburger patty, half a sweet potato, and half an avocado dinner.

  2. Lol. This comment makes me happy. haha. I still need to figure out a way to lean out - I just don't get how you're losing SO MUCH! I know I'm eating more to makeup for such a different type of workout, but ugh.

    And I bet you could lift some of these weights :) Although I did hit a PR today at bench - 93#!!! :)