Sunday, July 31, 2011

Plateau -- Kimberly

I was at the OB's office again this week and had the chance to spend some time talking about all of this--weight, Paleo, diabetes, you name it--with one of the doctors there who manages gestational diabetic patients. I expressed to her my dedication to kicking these pounds and this diagnosis...but also told her that I was concerned with how slowly it is going (considering that I normally conceive around my baby's first birthday). She was very encouraging. I told her that I am noticing changes still (the jeans I couldn't get on four weeks ago now fit totally normally) but that my scale is reluctant to change. She said two things: One: that losing weight is like quitting smoking---it is a LONG process, and Two: that she suspected I was in starvation mode. Apparently breastfeeding requires about 1000 extra calories a day and I've only been eating about 1000 calories total (ahem). I've been using my milk production as a gauge of whether I need to eat more, and Henry is nursing just fine and getting plenty to eat. But apparently my own body has shut down. Soooo, at doctor's request, I have now joined Weight Watchers, as they have a system to track nutrition for breastfeeding mothers--to monitor that I am getting ENOUGH calories to lose weight--AND I can continue to eat whole foods without caving to that prepackaged "diet food" garbage. Win-win....hopefully!

Pounds lost: 4.5

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  1. Sister! How exciting for you! Both the jeans that fit, and the new program. I can't wait to see how this works for you! Wishing today (again? Still?) that we lived closer to each other... would have loved to stop by for an hour today :) xoxo