Monday, August 8, 2011

Re: Meh - Megan

I slept a LOT this weekend. I'm starting to feel more human. Went home sick from work on Friday and took a three and a half hour nap, then got massage therapy. Seems to have helped a bit at least. Cheated all weekend - back on the train today.

Got a bunch of good foods this weekend between costco, the farmer's market, and madison market:

  • another 6lb bag of protein powder, this time CHOCOLATE so i don't have to suffer through the disgusting vanilla anymore
  • 18 organic eggs
  • turkey breast slices
  • bananas 
Broadway farmer's market:
  • 3 organic necatrines
  • 4 organic apricots
  • rainbow chard
  • fresh carrots
  • 2 of those little boxes of raspberries, 1 blackberry
Madison market:
  • 1 organic fuji apple the size of your HEAD
  • zucchini
Now if only I could get inspired to cook it.......

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