Friday, August 5, 2011

Meh. - Megan

Quick blog since I've been MIA -

Basically I was doing great, then I was doing fair, then I was doing poorly.

I need to get it together, this wedding that I am in is on Sept 3.

I started nazi-lockdown diet Aug 1. It's basically legitimate paleo, with finally cutting out the dairy.

Goes a  little something like this:

5 meals, 3 hours apart.

bfast: protein smoothie
snack: protein bar, usually coffee
lunch: meat and veg
snack: fruit and fat
dinner: meat and veg

So this went successfully for the first 3.5 days until last night I started feeling really crappy. Really lethargic. Like, death tired. I got home around 630 and sat on my bed and could have instantly fallen asleep. I was supposed to go do stairs but was too tired.

Sooo...... I bought myself pizza for dinner. and a wee bit of yogurtland. And? I felt a whole hell of a lot better.

The fitness director at work who has his MS in exercise science has talked to me about planned carb cycling days and their benefit for the replacement of glycogen, so I don't feel like it was a failure, really.

Don't think I felt better because of the "junk" food - I think I felt better because I needed more calories and fat added. That being said, I wasn't restricting calories very low, so I have no idea what the deal is. I was still at or above 1500 each of those days.

I had a long thread on my trainer's page between myself, him, and his wife about calories vs workouts - They're also convinced I wasn't eating enough. I'm beginning to resign to the fact that I simply don't think I will ever figure out what my body's trick is, since everyone is different and nothing is working. Either that or I'm just doomed. I'm really tired of fighting this.

Also: Kimmy - 1000 calories?! I am going to drive up there and smack you in the forhead. In the most loving way possible.

I feel crappy again this morning. I might actually be getting sick. Meh.

ADD: Oh yeah, it might be worth mentioning.... I've also been profoundly lethargic for a number of days now. I've been having memory problems for a little over a week. The lethargy... It seems to happen a few times a year, for no reason. Where I'm so deeply tired that I just don't think I'll ever snap out of it. It interferes with workouts, among other things. In the past when I've experienced this I've been questioned about everything from pregnancy to depression to anemia. I should start taking my iron again. Also, memory problems. I can't remember my plans, or what I did a few days prior.

Do you guys ever have this???

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